Services and Repair


When your vehicle needs repair it is important that your it receives the right parts. We want your vehicle to be as valuable as it was before you had the problem. We use OEM or factory recommended replacement parts. This assures that the value of your vehicle is maintained. We handle everything from air filter changes to engine replacement. Our technicians are trained professionals and love their work.

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Repair Services

Call today to set up an appointment with our experienced ASE Master Auto Technicians! We service Honda, Toyota, Nissan, most all foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

    Springs & Suspension

    Today’s suspension systems are not only robust, but very complicated to diagnose if vehicles are not properly maintained.

    Often times letting that little “squeak” or “rattle” go for extended periods of time can affect your tires, other related suspension components, and/or braking systems. There are a myriad of bushings, arms, bump stops, and other moving components within all of today’s vehicles. All of which provide an extremely comfortable ride on haphazard roads.

    Service Warranty Options

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